Coaching & Development

Coaching is a discovery-based process offering clients the lead role in finding their own creative solutions. Working with a coach is a unique opportunity to unpack your thinking around a challenge, clarify the obstacles and choices, and discover new possibilities for action.

As your coach, I’ll act as both midwife and vision keeper, always holding you accountable to self-directed solutions. Here’s a little of what you can expect from working with me:

  • Fostering self-awareness and recognizing it as the ultimate human potential tool
  • Developing resourcefulness, resilience and executive presence in the workplace
  • Authoring your own story, carving out a more satisfying future
  • Cultivating courageous conversations in your personal and professional life
  • Creating and sustaining purposeful work…thriving instead of just surviving

To learn more about coaching and better understand how it differs from counseling, consulting, mentoring and training, click here.

Coaching Services

• One-on-One Coaching
• Group/Peer/Team Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Group Facilitation
• Workshop Delivery
• Communications Consulting
• Speaking


Actualized Leader Profile (ALP)
Group Culture Profile (GCP)
Core Values

“There is only one journey. Going inside yourself.”
— Ranier Maria Rilke


DISC measures observable behavior and emotions, apparent in the things you do and how you act. Learn More

Actualized Leader
Profile (ALP)

This is a 57-item self assessment that measures your dominant motive need and corresponding style of leadership. Learn More

The Group Culture
Profile (GCP)

This is a 25-item self-assessment designed to measure the culture or “personality” of a work group, team, or organization. Learn More



“Cathia’s coaching has been a vital part of my executive career. She is engaging and personal, and she challenges me both as a leader and a person. Cathia has coached me through major life and work challenges causing me to grow in areas that could have remained unchanged. Her coaching sessions feel like an espresso shot of courage and strength.”

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“The experience of Cathia’s coaching has been incredibly beneficial to my career. I have learned to better focus my goals, utilizing skills I possessed but had not yet fully appreciated. I am already a leader in my industry, but there are still many ways I can grow. In fact, the way in which I take the next large step has been refined, honed and better planned out by having Cathia in my corner. I will continue to seek her council as the growth in my career accelerates.
Cathia – thank you!”