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Navigating the choppy waters of divorce and co-parenting.


“Alternately edgy and gentle, heartbreaking
and funny, this a tale for our times.”

- Kim Wright, author of Last Ride to Graceland

Sometimes divorce happens. Sometimes it’s not the end.

In Rock Paper Scissors: Scenes from a Charmed Divorce, Cathia Friou takes readers through an intimate series of vignettes from her marriage, separation, divorce, co-parenting, and re-entry into the dating world. Each chapter stands alone as a piece of clarity, as an appreciation for the good, the bad, and sometimes the absurdity of life. Together, these pieces offer readers hope that a family can remain whole and beautiful despite divorce.

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The Art of Co-Parenting

For those navigating separation and divorce, this 25-page guidebook outlines the six principles of shared parenting during divorce and straight talk about how to put them into practice. It is a concise and highly-digestible guide, coupling extensive research and personal experience. A healthy divorce is within reach.


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The 12 Steps of Divorce

For those eager to bust the paradigm of the nasty divorce, this two-page guide offers a model for a healthy divorce. Inspired by the language and power of the twelve-step model in the recovery community, it is an aspirational blueprint for those seeking a better way.


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