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Navigating the choppy waters of divorce and co-parenting.


"How do you walk away from a highly functional relationship and a perfectly good guy? How do you pledge fidelity to your soul and agree to blow up your life simultaneously?"

In her memoir Rock Paper Scissors: Scenes from a Charmed Divorce, Cathia Friou takes readers through an intimate series of vignettes from her marriage, separation, divorce, co-parenting, and re-entry into the dating world. Each chapter stands alone as a piece of clarity, as an appreciation for the good, the bad, and sometimes the absurdity of life. Together, these pieces offer readers hope that a family can remain whole and beautiful despite divorce. Sometimes divorce happens. Sometimes it's not the end.

"As hard as it was to tell the story, it felt necessary. I felt like I had to both make sense of my divorce journey and pay homage to it. Deciding which stories to include and in which order to tell them, trying to weave a cohesive but decidedly non-linear narrative, it was all very challenging. And I loved it."
– Cathia Friou

The Art of Co-Parenting

For those navigating separation and divorce, this 25-page guidebook outlines the six principles of shared parenting during divorce and straight talk about how to put them into practice. It is a concise and highly-digestible guide, coupling extensive research and personal experience. A healthy divorce is within reach.


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The 12 Steps of Divorce

For those eager to bust the paradigm of the nasty divorce, this two-page guide offers a model for a healthy divorce. Inspired by the language and power of the twelve-step model in the recovery community, it is an aspirational blueprint for those seeking a better way.


“Alternately edgy and gentle, heartbreaking and funny, this is a tale for our times.”

- Kim Wright, author of Last Ride to Graceland

“Eloquently written, the scenes radiate candor, vulnerability and love in its many forms … There were moments of grief, humor and inspiration, all delivered with a deep affection for our very human desire for connection … The reason the book resonates and stays with you is the beauty of the prose, the vulnerability with which the author shares, the kindness/decency that infuses her story and with which she treats her former husband and others along her path and, lastly, the humor and wisdom that comes from her well of self-reflection … Sharing one’s life so openly is a risky proposition but I believe she achieved the delicate balance of providing intimate glimpses without over-sharing … As a psychotherapist who works with many people going through divorces, I believe this book will be a great example of how to divorce without animosity and contempt … Well-written, easy to read and full of thoughts and questions that will stick with readers long after they finish the book … This story, and the way it is told, with brutal honesty, tearful emotion and a nice touch of humor, swings from the poignant to the heartwarming, and teaches that there is more than one kind of happy ending … A beautiful book written from the soul.”