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DISC Assessment

DISC measures observable behavior and emotions, apparent in the things you do and how you act. DISC is the language of people watching, and is categorized into four dimensions of normal behavior:

D – Dominance How you approach and respond to problems and challenges, and how you exercise power.
I – Influence How you interact with and attempt to influence others to your point of view.
S – Steadiness How you respond to change, variation, and the pace of your environment.
C – Compliance How you respond to rules and procedures set by others, and how you respond to authority in general.



“The experience of Cathia’s coaching has been incredibly beneficial to my career. I have learned to better focus my goals, utilizing skills I possessed but had not yet fully appreciated. I am already a leader in my industry, but there are still many ways I can grow. In fact, the way in which I take the next large step has been refined, honed and better planned out by having Cathia in my corner. I will continue to seek her council as the growth in my career accelerates.
Cathia – thank you!”

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“Cathia’s coaching techniques were direct and identified key areas that I needed to work on. The productivity concept ‘touch it once’ helped me launch my new office and hire my assistant. My recent success with my nonprofit and business has been directly tied to the coaching, consulting and facilitation that Cathia provided. Thank you for empowering the changes that have truly made a difference.”