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The Group Culture Profile (GCP)

This is a 25-item self-assessment designed to measure the culture or “personality” of a work group, team, or organization. Based on the seminal works of Wilfred Bion and Jerry B. Harvey, the GCP measures the underlying emotionality or “EQ” of a group.

Your group, team, or organization will be provided with a customized, full color report that includes your team’s unique strengths and relative weaknesses. Proven strategies for group development and team process improvement are provided with your report.


The GCP is a trademarked and copyright protected (© 2007- 2011 William L. Sparks) and may only be administered and interpreted by qualified facilitators of Sparks & Associates, LLC.
Cathia Friou is an Affiliate of William L. Sparks & Associates, LLC and a Certified Administrator of the Actualized Leader Profile (ALP) and the Group Culture Profile (GCP).


“Cathia’s coaching has been invaluable. She has helped me reflect on who I am as a leader and what is most important to me and the company. The self-awareness I have gained has sustained me as a leader dealing with major change, and her encouragement for me to stay true to myself has given me a renewed sense of enthusiasm.”

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“Cathia’s coaching has been a vital part of my executive career. She is engaging and personal, and she challenges me both as a leader and a person. Cathia has coached me through major life and work challenges causing me to grow in areas that could have remained unchanged. Her coaching sessions feel like an espresso shot of courage and strength.”