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Dare to Lead™

The full Dare to Lead™ curriculum is 16 hours total. The workshop includes proprietary workbooks for each participant and video clips hosted by Brené Brown. This courage-building program focuses on the following key concepts:

  • Courage is a collection of four skill sets that are measurable, observable, and teachable
  • Vulnerability (uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure) is the foundational skill set of courage
  • Self-awareness, empathy, and emotional literacy play critical roles in daring leadership
  • Showing up for hard conversations, including giving and receiving feedback, is fundamental to courageous leadership
  • Shame, scarcity, and comparison occur in the workplace and affect engagement, trust and connection

Courageous Divorce: Daring Greatly & Rising Strong on the Divorce Journey

This 8-session workshop is offered virtually and is designed for people at any stage along the separation/divorce path, including contemplation. This is not a divorce processing group, but all participants (and the facilitator) have this shared experience in common. Expect to:

  • Participate in a robust conversation about vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness
  • Awaken your curiosity about emotions, and better understand the interconnectedness of feelings, thoughts and behaviors
  • Normalize the discomfort of courageous conversations
  • Rumble with anxiety, off-loading hurt, grief, and forgiveness

Learn more about the foundation of these programs, and how I can help in Cultivating Courage.

    “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,
    never regains its original dimensions.”

    — Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Sample Curriculums

    Building a workshop is a collaborative process where I customize the curriculum to meet your organization’s interests. From single hour to multi-day, here are just a few examples of past workshops I have offered. Contact me to start a conversation about your needs.

    Coach, Don’t Tell; Adding the Coach Approach to Your Management Style

    Coaching is a powerful communications technology and people management tool. In this workshop you will learn how to:
    • Empower your staff to become self-managing, self-reliant and creative problem solvers.
    • Conduct highly productive conversations that foster a climate of trust and transparency.
    • Positively influence and better collaborate with your co-workers and staff.
    • Increase employee engagement, performance and productivity.
    • Focus on thinking, vision and planning instead of details, drama and problems.

    The Art of Conversation; Navigating Difficult Conversations with Courage and Finesse

    In this workshop you will walk away with a greater awareness of the gift of courageous conversations. Appropriate for conversations in both the personal and professional arena, this workshop will explore the neuroscience behind conversations and the five primary questions to answer before having a difficult conversation:
    • What story am I telling myself about this situation?
    • How am I going to show up in the conversation?
    • What might be going on for the other person?
    • What are the different kinds of conversations?
    • How do I best prepare for the conversation?

    Group Culture; The Emotional Intelligence of Teams & Teamwork

    Group culture is the underlying personality of a team that is expressed in their ability to recognize and to regulate their collective emotionality or “EQ.” Primarily influenced by the team leader’s style, other factors include the context/environment within which the group operates and the individual styles of the team members. Learn the four group cultures and how they impact team performance, walking away with proven strategies for group development and team process improvement. The four distinct cultures are:
    • Detached (anger and apathy)
    • Dramatic (frustration and despair)
    • Dependent (fear and anxiety)
    • Dynamic (passion and authenticity)

    Walking the Talk; Your Guide to Courageous Living

    Join us for a transformative journey through the work of Brené Brown’s best- selling books, with a special emphasis on your goals in the workplace.
    • The Gifts of Imperfection – Be you. Studying the 10 guideposts to wholehearted living, you will adopt the one or two that feel most resonate to you at this time in your life.
    • Daring Greatly – Be all in. Studying the hard concepts of vulnerability and courage, you will identify where you want to show up, be seen and live brave in the workplace.
    • Rising Strong – Fall. Learn. Get up. Try again. We will get curious about our stories and our emotions, develop greater trust with those around us, and develop a capacity for discomfort.
    • Walking the Talk – Onward and upward! In this final session, we will reflect on where we have been over the last three weeks and how to make courageous living part of our new normal.

    Daring Leadership™

    Based on the pioneering research of Brené Brown, this workshop dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. Vulnerability is indeed at the core of difficult emotions, but it is also the birthplace of creativity and innovation, authenticity, adaptability to change and accountability – the key elements that every business needs to survive and thrive.
    • Model authenticity and transparency and expect it of others, creating a climate of risk-tolerance and unfiltered trust.
    • Normalize the discomfort of courageous conversations and practice the art of giving, receiving and soliciting engaged feedback that moves people and processes forward.
    • Re-humanize the workplace and eliminate shame and blame as management styles.
    • Cultivate an environment where empathy is a valued asset and accountability is an expectation rather than an exception.

    Rising Strong™

    What’s possible when you are able to show up, be seen, and live brave in the workplace? Based on the pioneering research of Brené Brown, this workshop has participants walking into their stories and rumbling with the truth – from conflict with a colleague to a failed project.
    • Participate in a robust conversation about vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness.
    • Dispel the myths of vulnerability and learn the physics of vulnerability.
    • Awaken your curiosity about emotions, and better understand the interconnectedness of feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
    • Own your stories in a more empowered and generative way.
    • Develop a capacity for discomfort, allowing for more courageous conversations.

    Anchoring in Your Life Guides

    Core values are at the root of who we are – our true essence. They inform many of the choices we make and the beliefs we hold. As life guides, values anchor us in creating goals and fulfilling our vision.
    • Distinguish between needs, wants, and values.
    • Orient yourself around your values.
    • Identify specific people and behaviors that support your values.
    • Recognize practiced values vs. aspirational values.
    • Navigate suppressed, incongruent and trampled values.

    Yoga for the Mind; Jumpstarting the Journey Within

    How well do you know yourself? Few people take time for introspection, yet the rewards of looking within are significant. Self-awareness is a human potential tool that you can put to use right away. Join us for this interactive workshop where you will identify your core values and motivators, align your intentions, words and actions, learn how to maintain a healthy mind, and create a personal nourishment menu for when times are tough.

    Quieting the Gremlins;
    Managing Negative Self-Talk

    Do you know that little voice inside your head that says you can’t do this or you aren’t smart enough for that? We all have “gremlins” and the trick is to notice them instead of fight with them. Liberate yourself from that insidious voice inside your head, gaining freedom from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. Join us for this interactive workshop where you will learn the origin of these thoughts, how to manage them effectively, practice keeping fear in check, and the power of choice.

    Dynamic Communication; Understanding and Utilizing DISC

    A person’s behavior is a necessary and integral part of who they are. DISC is the universal language of how we act, or our observable human behavior. Learn more about yourself and others, specifically regarding communication styles.
    • How you respond to problems and challenges (D – Dominance)
    • How you influence others to your point of view (I – Influence)
    • How you respond to the pace of your environment, especially regarding change (S – Steadiness)
    • How you respond to rules and procedures set by others
    (C – Compliance)


    “Cathia’s coaching techniques were direct and identified key areas that I needed to work on. The productivity concept ‘touch it once’ helped me launch my new office and hire my assistant. My recent success with my nonprofit and business has been directly tied to the coaching, consulting and facilitation that Cathia provided. Thank you for empowering the changes that have truly made a difference.”

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    “Cathia’s high level of organization and her warm and powerful presentation skills will no doubt assist you and your employees in discovering how to better know yourselves and your co-workers in a way that is realistic and related to your day-to-day lives and interactions on the job.”