Which kinds of conflicts are appropriate for mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where a neutral person facilitates discussions between parties as they search for mutually acceptable solutions to their conflict. People often think of divorce when they think of mediation, but there are many useful applications such as workplace conflicts, family/elder disputes, conflicts between business partners, landlord-tenant, and neighborhood or community conflicts. Conflict resolution through mediation is a prudent first step, and often prevents people from having to “lawyer up” or make official claims against one another.

As mediator, I’m completely impartial and help inject reason into the conversation. I don’t make decisions for the parties, playing neither judge nor jury. Mediation is far less costly, both financially and emotionally, than going to court – and while mediation isn’t therapy, it can be therapeutic.

For Divorce

As a co-parenting specialist, my area of expertise is the Parenting Agreement. I help couples identify and articulate best practices for their children either in a formal mediation process or in an informal consulting role.

For Workplace Conflicts

A common cause of disengagement in the workplace is conflict among colleagues, especially within teams. Naming the dispute and bringing the parties to the table allows for conflict transformation and harmony maintenance.

For Business Disputes

As a North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission Certified Superior Court Mediator, I’m able to aid in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for all manner of commercial and civil disputes, whether or not there is litigation pending.



“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”

— Rumi


“Cathia’s coaching has been invaluable. She has helped me reflect on who I am as a leader and what is most important to me and the company. The self-awareness I have gained has sustained me as a leader dealing with major change, and her encouragement for me to stay true to myself has given me a renewed sense of enthusiasm.”

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“The experience of Cathia’s coaching has been incredibly beneficial to my career. I have learned to better focus my goals, utilizing skills I possessed but had not yet fully appreciated. I am already a leader in my industry, but there are still many ways I can grow. In fact, the way in which I take the next large step has been refined, honed and better planned out by having Cathia in my corner. I will continue to seek her council as the growth in my career accelerates.
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